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We provide a guaranteed return of 4% on our projects.

Our Projects & Future Vision

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Current & Upcoming Projects

Venturing into the Future: Our Project Portfolio

Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of executed and current projects, including successful ventures in real estate, Diwali crackers, and wines. With a track record of delivering results, our executed projects have gained recognition, while our ongoing endeavours in e-commerce and trading hold promising potential for growth and profitability.

Diwali Crackers - Executed

Our executed project, Diwali Crackers, brought joy and excitement...

Wines - Executed

The executed Wines project showcased our dedication to offering...

Arising Resorts & Farm Houses - Planning

In the planning phase, our focus is on developing Arising Resorts...

E-commerce - Planning

With the rise of online shopping, our planning phase involves venturing...

Trading (FMCG & Exports) - Planning

Our planning phase includes the development of a trading project...

Real Estate Developers - Planning

In the planning phase, we are focused on the development of residential...

Why Join Arising Group Syndicate?

Established in 2016, ARISING GROUP delivers exceptional customer value through core principles and expertise. Join our Syndicate to benefit from valuable resources and maximise your investment potential through collective participation in returns and risks.

  • Risk-free investments and minimised workload through teamwork.
  • Diversified ventures and centralised website for streamlined operations.
  • Cost-effective operations, eliminating physical offices and employees.
  • Entrepreneurial growth and personal transformation opportunities.
  • Life insurance coverage and global exploration options.
  • Exciting domestic and international trips.
  • Enhancing communication and business skills.
  • Maximising returns and guaranteeing attractive profits through shared responsibility and pooled resources.

Our Profit Margins

Name Profits
Wines 2%
Diwali Crackers 3.1%

Achieve a solid 4% ROI across all projects and watch your investments thrive.

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