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We provide a guaranteed return of 4% on our projects.

Legal Docs

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Company legal docs

Terms & conditions

Inclusive Membership Guidelines: Emphasizing Integrity, Collaboration, and Commitment at Arising Group Syndicate.


Respecting Your Privacy: Our Commitment to Confidentiality and Data Protection, Safeguarding Your Information.


Ensuring the Security of Your Personal Information: Your Privacy is Our Priority.

Company Faq

  • To join, you need a proposer from within the syndicate who can vouch for you.

  • The minimum investment is ₹10 lakhs, ensuring a significant stake in the syndicate.

  • Returns are distributed quarterly based on the performance of our investments.

  • Early withdrawal is generally discouraged, but provisions are in place for exceptional circumstances.

  • Decisions are made collectively during monthly meetings, allowing members to contribute and evaluate opportunities.

  • We prioritize transparency and provide regular updates on activities, performance, and financials.

  • No, our syndicate does not involve any form of money circulation.

  • Our syndicate is limited to 100 people, and the collection is limited to 10 crores. We assure you of the security and transparency of our operations.
Please note that the above responses are brief summaries and for informational purposes only. Refer to official syndicate documentation for complete details and consult professionals for specific advice.